NCHS Artists Participate and Place at Sandwich Fair

Every year the Sandwich Fair board offers artists the opportunity to enter their works for judging. From pencil drawings to three-dimensional painted artwork, our students entered their creations into the 2015 Sandwich Fair. Congratulations to all who participated!

Neal Smith, a senior, won a first place premium for his artwork; an ink drawing of a house created in Drawing Class. Delaney Drew, a senior, participated with a painted three-dimensional cube created in Design Class. Kyle Christian, a sophomore, participated with a pencil drawing portrait created in Art I Class.

Way to go, NCHS Artists!

Remember to enter your art in next year’s art competition at the Sandwich Fair, and you too will have a chance to see great art and win prizes for yourself!

  Neal Smith, Class of 2016

  Delaney Drew, Class of 2016

  Kyle Christian, Class of 2018

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