April 6, 2010
Artists Awarded at Town & Country Art Show

Congratulations to Newark High School Artists for their award winning entries at the 41st Annual Town and Country Art Show, held Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, 28th at the Civic Center in Oswego, Il.

Renni Jager's artwork, a 16"X20" pencil drawing placed First.

Bailey VanHorne's artwork, a 16"X20" pencil drawing entitled "Zoe" placed First.

Kendall Southard's artwork, a 9"X9" colored pencil still life entitled "Heart Shaped Flower" placed First.

Ashley Edwards' artwork, a ceramic Mug based on drawings by Leonardo DaVinci placed First.

Amy Martin's artwork, a ceramic Mug based on a painting by Roy Lichtenstein placed First.

Lucas Harris' ceramic artwork placed Second.

Ashley Kartheiser's ceramic artwork placed Second.

Mary Martin's 16"X20" watercolor entitled "Time in Ruins" was awarded for participation.
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