National Expert “Visits” the Art Room

Mr. Blidy's Multimedia Class has recently had the opportunity to have a video conference with Mr. Paul Ewen from New York. He is a writer, editor, and producer of public service commercials. He has been part of three Emmy Award winning broadcasts and has won a Promax Silver Award for his American Voice Campaign for MTV productions. He has published articles on editing including "The Essence of Editing: Much More Than Technical Aspects of a Program" in Student Filmmaker Magazine, June 2006.

The conference allowed the Multimedia Class to see and hear Mr. Ewen, who joined us from New York, using web cameras, video projectors, and iChat software. The video was projected to a large screen on the wall. The class was also able to watch some of his commercials, including "Vote For Something", "Global Warming", and "American Voice".

The class was able to ask him questions about his job, his commericals, and his creativity. "In all, this experience was very rewarding for NCHS students. It gave students a chance to meet and talk with an "outside expert" in the field" said Mr. Blidy. Prior to the interview, students created public service commericals of their own that Mr. Blidy posted on the school's web site for Mr. Ewen to view. During the interview, Mr. Ewen was able to provide valuable feedback about the student made commericals.
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