April 3, 2018 
Art I: Clay Food Sculpture

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The clay food sculptures above were created by first year Art students following a study of the Pop Art movement.

Art I students then created food "sculptures" out of clay and were assessed on use of texture to produce value contrasts, craftsmanship, and proper use of handbuilding techniques. Using only primary colors- red, yellow and blue, along with black and white paint, Art I students worked to create realistic colors. Through careful use of color value and intensity, students accented textures and controlled the brightness of their paint.

Ceramics Class Animal Container Project

Regan T. Class of 2018

Alex H. Class of 2018

Becca S. Class of 2018

Shane R. Class of 2018

Celeste A. Class of 2018

Hannah H. Class of 2018

Corey J. Class of 2019

Lauren H. Class of 2017

Marissa W. Class of 2019

Nikki K. Class of 2018
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