April 11, 2014 
From School to School

"Artwork can make a difference in your life; it can make a difference to others. Through this project we created profound and meaningful digital art pieces from past experiences and lessons learned. We then created postcards of our designs and sent them to high school students at another school." said Amy Murphy, Art Teacher at Naperville Central High School.

Everyone needs some inspiration every now and then. The Newark High School computer graphics class received inspirational postcards from the computer graphics class at Naperville Central High School. We are returning the favor by creating postcards for them. This project is a multi-school initiative to eliminate bullying and harassment in school. It is important for everyone to feel safe, respected, and part of a positive community in order to achieve academically and personally. The postcards consist of a phrase of encouragement, thoughtful words, a motto, uplifting words, or positive lyrics.

After the postcards are displayed, students from both schools will get to keep the works.

By Anthony Poplawski

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