Reaching Out to Experts in the Field

On April 8th, Mr. Blidy’s computer graphics class used web conferencing to converse about various works of art they had produced. The expert they contacted was Amy Murphy, a former art director for Warner Bros. During her time with Warner Brothers, she helped in the production of television shows such as The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Right now she is a teacher at Naperville Central High School.

The Computer Graphics Class had the opportunity to interview her and ask her various questions about her career and creations. Then she observed the classes’ work and commented on it. What made this interview different was that instead of having the video of the interview projected on a big screen, the video was confined to the screen of a laptop computer. The students converged around the computer and the result was a much more personal and individual web conferencing experience.

In the future, the use of web conferencing will only increase and has so far been very helpful for many classes at Newark High School.

Article written by Stuart Warpinski
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