June 8, 2009
Newark Paintings Displayed at Local Business

Beginning June 26th, Newark’s new Pizza Shack will display paintings depicting the village’s history. The collection of five paintings, depicting local scenes as they appeared in 1968, will be on permanent display. Through this project, art students used their painting skills to present historical information to the community as well as integrate art-making into other areas of the curriculum.

According to artist Amelia Martin, "Creating this painting was fun for me because I knew it was an important historical building in Newark and that some people still remember it. I hope the viewer knows that when they look at my painting they realize it is more than just a simple piece of work, but an important symbol to Newark, a part of Newark that still exists and holds memories within the community."

Amelia Martin, 12th Grade
Baptist Church, 1968
Acrylic on canvas

Ashley Harris, 12th Grade
Illinois Midland Railroad, 1968
Acrylic on canvas

Garret Hipsman, 10th Grade
Newark's Water Tower, 1968
Acrylic on canvas

Mike Selkow, 12th Grade
Margaret's Lunchroom, 1968
Acrylic on canvas

Molly McCoy, 12th Grade
Newark's Fire Vehicles, 1968
Acrylic on canvas

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